Why Brandon doesn’t do the grocery shopping

by Katie on April 3, 2013

I know I’ve touched on this before here and there, but after Brandon tagged along to the grocery store two or three times in our first year or two of marriage, I pretty much banned him from all subsequent shopping trips.

My reasoning?

The trips with him were twice as long and three times as expensive.

You see, my husband is far and away the biggest sucker for end cap displays who ever existed.

Case in point:


Last night, Brandon had either the most severe allergy flare he’s had in years or the onset of sickness; he wasn’t really sure which. After trying to sleep for awhile with no luck, he left for the store around 10:30pm to restock our medicine cabinet.

The picture above is what I found in the bottom of the grocery sack overflowing with cold and allergy meds this morning.

When he got up, he unloaded his loot from the night before.

“These looked good,” he said, “And they were only a dollar a can.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen them at the store,” I said.

“Well, they were on the end cap. So I thought I’d try them,” he said.

And I just laughed. Words were not necessary.

“I know,” he said. And I only walked to the pharmacy section right by the door…”

I will not be relinquishing my shopping duties anytime soon. No matter how much I hate it.


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