Tough girl genetics

by Katie on April 12, 2013

On days three to five of her life, Leyton had a bit of jaundice. This meant I had to take her to a lab for bloodwork which required a heel prick. Of course, the first one didn’t work, and they ended up having to prick her three times before they got what they needed.

But my girl? Never even flinched, much less stirred from her deep newborn slumber. Mama sure did, but baby handled it just fine.

Fast forward two months, and this week brought her first round of vaccinations. One oral one, and a total of three needles to her sweet, soft thighs.

Of course, by the third one, she was in full, all-out, blood-curdling, not-breathing, turning-purple screaming.

I scooped her up as soon as the nurse backed away, and two seconds later, there was silence. One second after that, I was holding a limp-as-a-noodle baby. And five seconds later, she was soundly sleeping in my arms.

So while she was full of drama during the shots, she obviously recovered instantly.

Brandon happened to call as I was loading her back in her carseat to leave, and I told him his girl took her shots like a champ.

“Well, she sure didn’t get that from me,” he said.

Let’s just say I didn’t argue that point.



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