The making of a monster

by Katie on April 23, 2013

I mentioned Brandon joined Instagram.

This milestone calls for an update. Because little did I know the Instagram insanity that would hit our home.

The morning after he joined, he was writing a caption for a picture he was posting. He read it to me out loud, followed up with:  “Hash…?”

Me:  “You don’t have to put a hash tag on everything.”

Him:  “Yes I do.”

You see, Brandon became very concerned about the number of “likes” his pictures received. And the number of “followers” listed next to his name.

Saturday evening, Brandon came in and mentioned some things in the conversation he had with my youngest brother that day.

“Wait a minute,” I said, “You called him?”


“What for?”

“To tell him he needed to join Instagram,” he said. “I’m recruiting followers. I’m working on Travis too.” [a friend]

Recruiting followers for himself…okay.

The next morning, he issued a complaint on the way to church. “I got Mason to join Instagram yesterday, and he already has like 50 followers. I’ve been on there for four days and still only have like ten. All these kids on there have all these followers and I don’t have any.”

I tried to explain to him it was because all “those kids” had a ton of friends who were also on Instagram, that it was a generational thing.

We went to lunch after church, where Brandon posted a picture. In the car on the way home, he checked in on it.

“It’s been 22 minutes,” he said. “No likes yet. My follwers stink.”

Four minutes later:  “Twenty-six minutes. Still no likes. Are you going to like it for me to help my self esteem?”

Then, Monday morning, I was headed out to run errands, and received this text message:  “Be cool and be the first to like my instagram.”

I thought Farmer Boy Brandon joining Instagram was a big deal. But Farmer Boy Brandon is getting awfully serious about his online presence. So please, help me out. Join Instagram. Follow him @rocker7farms]. And my goodness, like his pictures.


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