Scorpion scares

by Katie on April 5, 2013


The above picture is the result of me grabbing a plastic drinking cup that was sitting on top of the refrigerator, proceeding to fill it at the water cooler, and glancing down to see a scorpion dancing in my drinking water.

Unsettling, to say the least.

The only saving grace was that it was already dead. Like crunchy dead.

Only it leaves out the crying baby who was awakened by my shrieks and subsequent cup dropping, 30 precious minutes before the end of her naptime.

Anyway, it has not been uncommon for Brandon to capture and save scorpions. Do not ask me why. I just know it happens.

So I promptly sent him the picture above with the following caption: “You failed to mention you had a scorpion in the drinking cup on top of the refrigerator.”

Then, thinking I was helping him with his scorpion collection, I gathered the remains back into the cup and cleaned up my mess.

Later, he replied: “Umm. I have NO recollection of putting a scorpion there. ZERO.”

Again, unsettling.

I certainly don’t recall ever having a desire to keep a scorpion. But the likelihood of one falling from the kitchen ceiling directly into the cup wasn’t a very good theory either.

So how the scorpion got there remains a mystery.

Anyway, by the time Brandon got home, my symptoms of whatever sickness ailed him the previous three days were progressively worse and topped off with a low-grade fever. So he graciously offered to head up baby duty for the remainder of the evening.

Mama’s first stop? A long, hot, non-baby-interrupted shower. Glorious, those things.

Turns out, Brandon had decided to try one of his strawberry impulse purchases, only he intended to retrieve some ice and blend it. Because that’s how he likes things: fruity and slushy. (Me, I prefer non-fruity and on the rocks, but that’s a comparison for another day. And why our drink orders have been mixed up by waitresses.)

All I knew was that my glorious shower was suddenly interrupted.

“You know what’s worse than filling a cup from the top of the fridge with water, only to find a scorpion in it?” Brandon asked. “Filling a cup on the counter with ice to make a little margarita and not knowing there’s a scorpion in it until you dump it all in the blender!”

Needless to say, I think we agree there will be no more scorpion collecting around here.


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