Pigs must be flying

by Katie on April 18, 2013

Brandon has always been anti-social media.

“Anti” as in he said it was dumb and refused to join, but sure enjoyed logging in to my accounts on my phone to do his own snooping.

But I guess having a cute baby to brag to the world about caused a little change of heart.

Because yesterday?

Brandon joined the world of social media and set up his own Instagram account.

You read that correctly.

Even better?

His very first comment included a hashtag. Farmer Boy catches on quick, I tell you.

Last night, after I put Leyton to bed, I found him in the living room, just putting away his phone.

“I got this Instagram thing down,” he said. “I even have followers now. All I need is pictures.”

This should be interesting…


[If you want to help him build his “followers” you can find him @rocker7farms.]


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