Funny face

by Katie on April 4, 2013

Sometime after Leyton gets dressed for the day, I nearly always have a little photoshoot to send a daily glimpse of our growing girl to friends and family, especially those faraway who don’t have the option of seeing her regularly.

Of course, there are many, many out takes. The faces below are some of my favorites…

20130404-090803.jpg “Can we be done with this already?” 20130404-090812.jpg My first experience with her sticking her tongue at me during picture taking 20130404-090825.jpg A yawn that exemplifies her interest level 20130404-090835.jpg Brandon says she is terrified of playing dress up in this one 20130404-090856.jpg Such a happy one, our girl 20130404-091036.jpg Thrilled with her first Easter basket. Obviously. 20130404-091157.jpg What Leyton thought of Daddy having to rake hay instead of going to her second church service 20130404-091245.jpg She thinks she’s #1 too 20130404-091438.jpg Her “hook ’em” sign. Needless to say, Mama is not a fan of this one. 20130404-091502.jpg Mid-sneeze 20130404-091618.jpg Clearly feeling the love on Valentine’s Day

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