They say a baby changes everything

by Katie on March 25, 2013

No worries, y’all. This is so not going to be anything mushy. Quite the opposite in fact.

Our girl has had some bad belly issues from day one that made her uncomfortable and irritable for large portions of the day. Which makes the whole new parent thing an absolute breeze, let me tell you.

That right there was sarcasm at its finest.

They say one of the first things to check as the culprit is the protein found in dairy milk. Of which I consumed 1.5 to 2 gallons. Every week. No joke. But since I love my baby and wanted her to feel better, I gave up my precious milk.

But things still weren’t really getting better.

So a couple weeks ago, her doctor suggested I change my diet to completely dairy free.

And that’s where we’re at right now.

[My apologies to the dairy farmers. But I’m pretty sure I solely supported two dairies on my own in the past year, so we’ll call it even for now.]

When I told my mom about the suggestion, I said I didn’t know what I was going to do. “Milk and ice cream are half my diet,” I complained.

But I have survived.

I’m trying out substitutes, like almond and coconut milk, and while they’re definitely not the real thing, they’re getting me by for now. The dairy-free “cheese” substance, however, has yet to appeal to me. And the dairy-free ice cream is unfortunately very pricey – it will have to wait for a desperate day.

I’ve been enjoying the dark chocolate flavored almond milk, but find it to be quite chocolatey for my taste. So last night, I mixed my dark chocolate almond milk with my plain coconut milk.

I took my concoction in to join Brandon (who is disgusted by both of these beverages), told him what I did, and said, “It’s like drinking an Almond Joy.”


So there are benefits to my new diet:  I can now drink my favorite candy bar, with far fewer calories.


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