Parental baptism

by Katie on March 22, 2013

We took Leyton on her first road trip and overnight stay last week when she and I accompanied Brandon to Parker, Arizona, to judge the La Paz County Fair livestock show.

We got there for Brandon to judge Thursday morning, then had the afternoon and evening free.

In the late evening when it was cool out and the sun was setting, we took a little walk down by the river right outside our hotel, then decided to grab some ice cream at the McDonald’s just down the road.

After we were selected a booth and had our treats, we had Leyton perched on the table in her carseat, happily kicking away. Then her happy kicking turned into angry screaming.

Since we were still going to be there awhile, I started to take her out to hold her to put an end to the staring from other patrons. Because the nighttime crowd at McDonald’s is significantly different than the daytime crowd (i.e., older adults vs. other screaming children).

But as I lifted her up, Brandon said, “Uh, you’re going to want to put her back in there.”

I turned her around, where I found the hip on his side was sporting a giant stain. I’ll let you make an educated guess on what caused that stain.

So back into the carseat our dirty, screaming baby went, as we made a quick escape.


The whole escapade reminded me of the story my parents used to tell about toting my sister out of a Taco Cabana where they were dining. Only they left a trail.

Thankful for small victories…


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