Natural selection

by Katie on March 21, 2013

Way back before Leyton entered the world, I delivered lunch to Brandon one day. It was lasagna. Which made him go off on his rant about how much better lasagna is than spaghetti due to the degree of difficulty of consuming all those stringy noodles when you can just “scoop and shovel” the lasagna.

This conversation led him down the tangent of foods that require too much effort to eat.

“Noodles are like rice,” he said. “You can’t ever get enough on your fork, and it’s always falling off.”

He continued…

“And don’t even get me started about how those Chinese people make it even worse by eating their rice with chopsticks. That’s like using a net with a hole in it! No wonder they’re little people – the big ones starve out before they can procreate.”

There you have it. Your daily lesson in natural selection from my favorite farmer. Who obviously is not a rice grower.


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