The cost of a healthy self esteem

by Katie on February 13, 2013

A couple weeks ago, before life as we knew it was completely derailed (with goodness), Brandon made some sort of comment about me looking nicer than usual one evening. It was a completely normal day, so other than a bank teller or postal employee, it was likely no other human had laid eyes on me.

This was quite perplexing to Brandon.

“Did you wear makeup today or something?” he questioned, very puzzled.

“I wear at least some kind of makeup about every single day,” I informed him. “Some days it’s just mascara, eye primer and chapstick, but I usually put something on. It makes me feel better.”

“Isn’t that kind of expensive to do nothing but boost your self esteem?” Brandon retorted. “I mean, don’t get me wrong, there may come a day where that’s worth every penny. But is it really worth it right now?”

Noted, Husband.

The makeup compacts that already take me at least a year to work through will now be highly evaluated before use, so as not to waste precious funds on my measly old self esteem.





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