The male version of nesting

by Katie on January 24, 2013

I can’t believe I’m just now remembering to share the update to our shocking shower experiences. In the most literal way possible.

At last mention, Brandon was having his wife and unborn child take on an electrical zap to aid in his attempt at finally solving the puzzle that was the electrical surge sometimes experienced in our showers.

And yes, I just made that sound much, much worse than the situation actually warranted. Because it would be boring if there wasn’t some exaggeration at my husband’s expense.

Anyway, that whole zap-the-pregnant-girl thing only lasted a couple rounds of the evening charade of chasing the current, until Brandon realized he actually had an electrical tester that required no human grounding and provided a digital voltage output. Quite a step above our original testing device.

After many, many nights of shocking showers that led to electrical testing and breaker flipping and marital unrest, Brandon finally discovered the root of the problem. It could all be traced back to an incomplete circuit/non-grounded line/whatever electrical term is appropriate (this girl surely doesn’t know) in something that connected the hot water heater in the “shack” out by our barn, 50 yards from the house.

So I will hand it to my guy – not an easy problem to track down. But one he waited 4.5 years to get serious about locating and solving, then was relentless in his pursuit to do so.

When he was explaining how he finally ended the possibility of us being electrocuted in our shower to a friend (who clearly did not know how we began the process of finding the shock), the friend questioned his timing, asking, “So what, it was fine for your wife to get shocked until she got knocked up so you finally had to stop it?”

Brandon:  “Well, not exactly. She took plenty of hits…”

Me:  “Part of us fixing it was me getting zapped.”

Brandon:  “…Oh, come on, it wasn’t that bad. But I definitely couldn’t take a chance on my baby girl getting shocked.”

And the motivator behind his sudden relentless pursuit to end the shocking was discovered.

Not that I’m complaining. Or disagree. But still – it is obvious where I rank.

Fast forward to the present day…

We had a semi-slow week on the farm last week, which led to Brandon stationing one of our employees at our house for half the week to help him brush up on some things outside that have been on the to-do list (and borderline wife-nagging list) for oh, say, anywhere from one to three years, depending on which project was in question. They were all things I couldn’t do alone, regardless of my current condition, which is why they had not been tackled. When he finished, I applauded his efforts, like any good, appreciative wife. He said, “Well, if people are going to be coming over soon to see my baby, I wanted it to look decent around here.”

So you can add the following things to the male version of “nesting”:  grounding all electrical currents flowing into a home, relocating giant pieces of concrete, placing landscaping railroad ties that have been in possession for 15 months and moving piles of rock to their intended location.

Again, not complaining.

But had I known having a baby was all it took to get all these things done?



…We still would have stuck to our plan.



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