The hunter helps with hairbows

by Katie on December 10, 2012

Brandon helped me complete Lola’s bow holder a couple weeks ago.

Here it is in all it’s cuteness and glory:

(in a not so good phone photo)

20121203-133505.jpg With many, many more bows to come…

(I’m just focusing my efforts on finishing furniture right now instead of bow making.)

Those knobs were just a little pesky to get fitted with the correct amount of washers, in a weathered, splitted-up board, to hang correctly against the wall. So that’s where Brandon stepped in and saved the day. With only a handful of “what would you do without me”s thrown in along the way.

The whole hairbow thing is new to him, but he’s starting to catch on. And he certainly delights in giving me a hard time about the number of bows ready to adorn Lola’s head at T minus two months until her expected arrival date.

In fact, when I first mentioned my bow holder project to Brandon, we were standing a midst the current collection of bows handcrafted by myself and our mothers, and he glanced around, then asked, “Um, how many bow holders do you plan on making?”

“Just one,” I replied.

“It better be a big one then…” he said.

Indeed, it is.

And every time he walks into the room, he says something about how she’s going to have a bow to match every outfit. Which means he has finally recognized the goal.

I mean, if this girl can’t be a Texan, she’s at least going to lay>crawl>walk around looking like one. The only problem now? Finding the wall space to hang this thing.

Needless to say, all is coming together nicely in baby girl preparations. (We do have more than hairbows ready, promise.) Which is good, considering we have eight weeks (give or take) to wrap things up, along with being in the middle of one of our busiest months of the year.

I’m down to one last wood project:  staining the pallet bookshelves my father-in-law constructed for me. And Brandon will just have about 45 minutes worth of polyurethane application to a couple things once I finish that so it can all be done at one time. At this point, seven members of our family have contributed to putting this girl’s room together. Already loved? I’d say so.

Good times in the Leister family for sure.

And much better to come.



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