The day we all knew was coming

by Katie on December 11, 2012

…But it still came entirely too soon:


There she is, the ten day old iPhone 5 belonging to Brandon Leister.

And apparently, while you can replace the screen on a 4S for $50, it costs $300 for the 5. Now, my approach to being an iPhone owner is to just suck it up and have a bulky case with mega shock absorbency. Brandon’s approach was to just have a slim, cosmetic-only case and pay for good insurance on it. I’m liking my approach better.

In full disclosure, I must admit I was first to drop his phone. The day he got it, he came home from work eager for me to help him load it up with apps and music and sync our phones so we had access to each other’s iTunes purchases and such. So the phone was going back and forth between the two of us and our computers, and somewhere in a transition, a cord got caught when I picked it up, and it slammed to the office floor. I think I quit breathing until I picked it up, turned it over, and found it free from damage.

Nine days later, it casually slid out of Brandon’s hand and landed face-down in gravel as he was getting into the truck. And the above photo was the result of that drop.

We aren’t sure what the difference was, especially since my drop was much harder, other than the uneven surface the gravel offered. But whatever it was, it definitely did the job.

I really do feel bad for him. After all the drama it took to switch phones and then wait on it, poor guy had it less than two weeks before the whole screen shattered.

It is still usable, and he’s actually loving it even more than I thought he would. Just last week, within ten minutes, I received a text with information related to an email I sent him after he left the office for the day, and mere minutes later, another text with a link to a Craigslist ad for some farm equipment we were considering. My thought? Someone is sure liking their iPhone today. And last night at supper, he told me he almost watched a TV show while driving the GPS tractor, but shut it off as the show was loading, concerned about his data allowance. I’m sorry, but the idea of a farmer watching TV going down the field on a tractor is pretty stinking funny to me.

So, he plans to send in his phone and get the insurance to fix the screen. He’s just having a hard time coming to grips with parting with it for a few days.


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