The best of 2012 edition

by Katie on December 31, 2012

There is, obviously, one big highlight to our year, announced here:  So long, hunting room.


The remaining 11 of our 12 favorite 2012 posts are in no particular order:

When you get “had”

Uncle El’s Seafood

When a husband just knows

One woman + one dog = one three ring circus

The anatomy of a chicken

A cupcake too many

Keeping Katie humble

Communication with a Texas geography lesson

Grow me a fat one

PINK:  The official new color of Rocker 7 Farms

Generations of scorpion stings


And there you have it, our 12 biggest moments and favorite memories of 2012. I’m sure our 13 in 2013 will be much more interesting (and filled with much more cuteness).

Here’s to another year of blessings upon us all…




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