A big day for the Leisters

by Katie on December 27, 2012

Definitely not the “big day” that is in high anticipation around here, but a pretty big deal nonetheless:

We are a cable subscribing household.

That’s right. It is well known that for our entire four and a half years of marriage, we have had a TV-less household. And we were both perfectly happy with this. Honestly, for the first few years, we really didn’t even notice – by the time both of us were in from the farm for the evening, fed and cleaned up, we were too exhausted to think of doing anything but sleeping. Entertainment was not on our radar.

Now that we’re slowly moving toward having a bit more time at home – in the winter at least – we were at least noticing the fact we had only the Internet to fill those momentary voids when a bit of entertainment was nice. But the Internet was suiting us just fine. Brandon had his hunting blogs; I had my blogs; we had the ABC Online Player.

Even still, sometime this year, Brandon decided he was more than tired of tracking down places to watch college football and basketball games when we wanted to root on our teams. I agreed, but was still not convinced it was necessary to take such drastic measures. The drastic measures he was mentioning?

Purchasing a TV.

Not bumming an old one from friends we could watch the occasional Redbox DVD on, as was our current situation. Not hitting up a second hand store to see what may work for us. No. Spending actual money on a brand new, from the store, in the box, fancy TV.

So that happened. The weekend after Thanksgiving.

Brandon even mounted it on the wall days after, which is a big thing around here.

But there we sat. With a brand spanking new TV hanging on the wall, with no power cord, antenna or cable connection. So, we were still watching our shows on our iPhones.

One month later, Brandon decided he was ready to take action. (From the beginning of this adventure, I had told him if he wanted a TV, it was all on him. I did this thinking it would take two years for it to all come together. I was wrong.) Christmas Eve, he mounted and connected the sound bar for the TV, connected the DVD player, and decided he was definitely getting a cable package. He went to “research his cable options” and lo and behold, 20 minutes later, we had a two-year cable contract.

Our package included a couple of ESPN channels, Fox Sports and of course the PAC-12 Network…and he added on the outdoor package. Yep, four solid channels of nothing but around the clock hunting and fishing. On a “Google TV” (do not ask me what that means – this is so his project) where he can still read his hunting blogs and post on the CouesWhitetail.com forum…all from the couch, with a remote.

In summary:  I will let you know the next time I see my husband.

As we settled in to watch our first TV show in our own home after the cable guy left last night, I looked at Brandon and said, “I cannot believe all this is really in our house.”

He replied, “I know. I’m scared. I’m never going to be productive at home again.”

Which is nice, considering our business office is in our house. At least one of us has some self control.


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