It’s just a little zap

by Katie on November 30, 2012

So, we still have the whole “electrical-surge-in-the-shower” issue at our house. But Brandon has been on a mission to fix it lately. So for the past few weeks, anytime one of us experiences a shower shock, everything in our house shuts down (except green bean bundles under the broiler on Thanksgiving, much to Brandon’s frustration), the shower-taker gets dressed as quickly as possible, and we go into “find the shock” mode.

The very first time this took place, Brandon immediately retrieved a little electrical tester thing (I’m sure it has a real name) so we could test the level of electricity being produced by our shower while we checked things on the big breaker, in attempt to determine where the charge is originating. Sounds nice in theory, no?

…Until you get to the part where a person has to be the ground for the tester to determine if the shower is producing a charge every few seconds. Basically, this means you know the shower is electrically active at the time, and still have to touch it. You are knowingly and willingly zapping yourself.

Now, we didn’t know our experiment was going to work like this when Mr. Brains of the Operation got started, but he soon figured it out. And, since I’ve never looked at the inside of a breaker box and have no clue on that end, only one option remained.

Brandon turned away from the shower, tester in hand, and began:  “This is going to sound really bad. But I need you to hold this tester and ground it so I can go outside and mess with the breaker. As long the current is there, it’s going to give you a little shock. But this is really the only way to fix it. And I can’t be in both places.”

Barely able to contain my laughter at the scenario taking place, I said, “You know you’re asking your seven month pregnant wife to shock herself, right?”

“Yes. That’s why I told you it was going to sound bad,” he said, “But don’t worry. It’s just a little zap. It’s not the kind that really get you.”

Because that provides plenty of peace of mind.


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