A home repair handy man he is not

by Katie on November 21, 2012

So, we’ve had some lights out for a couple months – at least two, maybe approaching three. As in, the light bulb connections in a chandelier fixture which is the single source of light (aside from the sun during daylight hours) for approximately 150 sqaure feet of our home were broken. When this happened, we decided neither of us had ever liked the light fixture anyway, and our desert home can always use a bit more air circulation during the warmer months, so we agreed I would purchase a fan and Brandon would install it. “WE agreed” being the key phrase. Meaning this was not some project I decided I wanted done, purchased the materials, and surprised Brandon with the whole thing.

Anyway, about a week after the agreement, I purchased said ceiling fan (with lights). It even happened to be one that was on display, which meant no assembly was required by Brandon.

And it sat on top of the dining table (the room with no lights) for a few weeks. Until we had a couple people coming over for a meeting, when we simply relocated the fan to the living room, drew back the curtains, and welcomed the “natural lighting” to filter in and illuminate the room for the meeting. We even had Brandon’s family over for supper once (I had forgotten the fact our dining area had no lights) and covered the table with candles. Admittedly, the ambiance of a candlelit supper was nice, but I am also a person who like to be able to see my food. As you’re probably guessing, the fan has not moved from the living room coffee table since.

Fast forward to last week, and this conversation actually took place:

Brandon:  “You should really buy something else to hang up there for light.”

Katie:  “Um, I did. …Two months ago.”

Brandon:  “Oh. Yeah. About that…”


So, now that he actually remembers we own a light fixture for the room, maybe the chances of it being installed are drastically improved.


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