News from hunting camp

by Katie on September 9, 2012

Brandon and his dad left early this week in search of an antelope to fill Dean’s tag – only the second one he’s drawn in a lifetime of Arizona hunting. So, a pretty big deal.

After two days of developing a game plan, he brought down this beaut on opening morning:


A successful hunt, indeed.

They decided to stay an extra well-deserved couple of days to help a friend on a neighboring hunt, and return at long last today. Which means I just returned the shot gun to the corner of the bedroom, rather than leaning against the bedpost two feet from my head and packed away the pepper spray, wasp spray and flashlight.

I’m sure Brandon will have much, much more to say about the hunt and the goat upon his return. For now, I leave you with this – the Dean Leister Signature Hunting Photo:




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