Generations of scorpion stings

by Katie on September 26, 2012

It is no secret we’ve always had a little scorpion issue. And by little, I mean they have taken over our home every summer.

And we have kept a tally of all these devil spawn we have found every year.

Each year, the number has fallen, with last year only bringing a measly 23. This year, however, was the year they outsmarted us.

We went about thinking we had finally eradicated the suckers from March until the end of June.

But since then? Our tally has surpassed every year on record. One night’s hunting spree found 11.

Then, we reached one fateful day a few weeks ago that was kind of the last straw.

Until this point, Brandon was the only person who had been stung in our house. Once in 2010, once in 2011. Once in the kitchen, once in his boot at the door.

In all our years of scorpion seeking, we had only ever found one in our bedroom. I was only leery of being stung by stepping on them.

So, that night a few weeks ago, when I woke up to two sharp pains in my elbow at 12:30am, a scorpion was not the first thing that came to mind. In our groggy state, I let Brandon know something had just bit me in our bed, to which he recommended I apply some Caladryl and return to bed. Which I did. But 45 seconds later, when the stinging pain was only getting worse and my elbow started to get all tingly, I decided we really did not need to be in bed with whatever had stung me.

I woke Brandon up again, which is always fun to do in the middle of the night, and informed him of this revelation. He turned on the light, flapped the sheet a few times, then we both began searching the mattress for the culprit, but found nothing. Just when we were giving up, all the while the pain in my elbow increasing, Brandon walked around the end of the bed.

And found a big, fat, daddy scorpion.

We’re assuming he flew off the sheet. Either way, Brandon ended his life quickly and began apologizing for not spraying our house.

A few minutes later, I had a fleeting worried thought, and asked Brandon if scorpion stings got in your blood. He informed me they did not. Then he left the room, and I began putting our bed back together and settling back down to as peaceful a rest you can get in the bed you just shared with a scorpion.

As I was dozing off, Brandon returned. “I googled it,” he said, “everyone is going to be fine. Well, for every hundred things I found saying that, there were two that said everyone would die. But from Google, that means everything is fine.”

I thanked him, then let him know I remembered his mom telling me once the only time she had ever received a scorpion sting was while she was pregnant with him.

“Well heck, let’s go find another one then! Obviously, only good can come out of that.”

Oh, help me…


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