Gender roles

by Katie on September 6, 2012

As I’m sure many women are, I was pretty well aware of many of the things that would happen to me before we jumped off this bridge. Including the, shall we say…not so glamorous. I’m not one to not know what I’m getting myself into. But I was definitely unaware of the flaming severity with which these things present themselves. For example, I knew very well that heartburn was a common “symptom” of my “condition.” I did not, however, realize that after never so much as opening the cap on a bottle of Tums, I would resort to carrying them in my back pocket and calling them my best friend for two solid weeks.

As I worked my way through the list of early changes and ailments, my poor husband, who, like most men I’m sure, was pretty clueless beforehand on many of these things beyond the obvious, was a little startled.

So it was eye-opening to say the least for both of us, particularly him.

Which eventually led to this little gem of a conversation:


I was making mention of the pile of fuzz (seriously, I wish I were exaggerating) that seemed to cover my midsection overnight in the early weeks. Brandon was slightly taken aback, as we both agreed I now rivaled him in that department. Again, I wish I were exaggerating.

Seriously!” Brandon exclaimed, “That’s part of all this too?”

When I verified, and reminded him I never had it before, he said, “So, what? You get pregnant and turn into a man?”

Which may be the best line he’s had to date.


I have to hand it to him, though. During what you would think to be the most feminine point in your life, you actually develop many more male tendencies than what is desirable. In my case, anyway. Here’s wishing the rest of you ladies a testosterone-free experience.

Silver lining:  Brandon is appreciative of the new-found sympathy and understanding  I developed for him.



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