Built-in air conditioning and medium sleeves

by Katie on September 25, 2012

Said in the nicest possible way, Brandon’s work shirts are a rag-tag bunch. They mostly consist of things he wore in high school, are approaching threadbare and missing buttons. With, ahem, recent developments, they are also becoming increasingly small.

He loves wearing the short-sleeve ones in the summer that come complete with giant gashes in the back, which he claims are “built-in air conditioning” – you know, kind of like those vented sportsmans’ shirts (of which he does own a few), only in the homeless orphan style.

A few days ago, he was getting dressed for work and pulled a long-sleeve work shirt for the first time since March. I wasn’t paying attention, so he called me over.

“Hey,” he said, “You know what I like about these shirts? When it’s still a little too warm out for full long sleeves, they come perfect with…medium sleeves!”

The end of that statement is where he stretched out his arms to reveal “long” sleeves that hit closer to his elbow than his wrist. Probably because he has owned that shirt since he was fourteen.

But I’m not complaining about his ill-fitting clothes. As long as he keeps wearing those, there is more in the clothing budget for myself.


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