Wilbur: the new man of the house

by Katie on August 21, 2012

More than a month ago now, Brandon surprised me one Sunday evening by bringing home seven of our calves that weren’t quite ready to go home with their new youth owners for me to put the finishing touches on to get them off the Rocker 7 feed bill.

Brandon himself was pretty MIA around home that week, and sending these calves off to their new homes was my primary job, meaning I had to spend at least half my day out in the sweltering barn with nothing but Wilbur to keep me company.

But I quickly found out this wasn’t such a bad thing. Wilbur stepped in and performed his new duty of man of the house very well.

You see, the second day of this little barn adventure, I was filling water buckets when I came upon one that contained a giant, nasty blackbird. I realize this would be a non-issue for a normal person. But I am not a normal person. Not when it comes to birds anyway.

After a solid ten minutes of wondering what I was going to do, I finally worked up the courage to dump the bucket. Strategically, of course, where I would not have to walk near the removed bird.

But then that bird, that I thought was dead, twitched its little bird head. And my plan changed. Gathering courage to get that close to a dead bird was one thing. A live bird? Whole other ball game, Folks.

I was scrambling to figure out what to do when I remembered Wilbur has caught, and consequently killed, several blackbirds in his lifetime. Surely one contained in a water bucket wouldn’t be a problem.

So I called him over.

After five minutes of trying to get him to poke his head in the water bucket, he finally caught sight of the bird, and it was on. He went in for the attack, I ran away, and I heard some squawking and commotion for about 45 seconds, and then…silence. Sweet silence. Wilbur had come through for me and was handsomely rewarded for his bird-killing and removal efforts.

Brandon was most proud of Wilbur the day he treed a cat. I’m pretty sure the bird kill was my most proud moment.


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