Praise You in this storm

by Katie on August 13, 2012

That title (and song) pretty much sums up what we’re focusing on doing around here right now. Because boy, are we in the midst of a storm.

Normally, I’m not one to share serious things, but there are just times when life isn’t all fun and games, ponies and butterflies. And since I shared our big tragedy, it’s only fair to provide an update.

I just wish I had a better one.

From what we’ve been told through regular updates (via fourth party information, translated from medical staff to a non-native-English-speaking brother to a perfectly fluent but still non-native-English-speaking mutual friend, and then to us), there hasn’t really been any change in Manuel’s condition since he was stabilized following the accident.

Which means he is still unconscious and on a ventilator in the ICU. Five days ago, the doctors were hopeful he would wake up in four days. Obviously, that milestone was not reached. And although he has remained stable the entire time, his condition is still listed as very critical.

Every day, I become more scared to ask Brandon for the daily update, and we just feel awful about the whole thing. Not that anything like this is ever deserved by anyone, but he is a really good guy and just enjoyable to work with. And as the employer, who had placed him at that particular intersection at that time on that day, you can’t help but feel guilty, even when you know you aren’t.

Aside from the grim news on his condition, we’ve been putting out fire after flame on the homefront. So much so, that our little corner mechanic who Brandon has had to visit no less than five times in the past week has told him twice that he needs to spend more time in church with the kind of luck we’re having.

We only had two employee vehicles, which means we only have one now until we can get another one purchased in what little spare time Brandon has to search for one. So, of course, our second truck decided to start breaking down the night of the accident and hasn’t stopped since. Our alfalfa isn’t growing like it should, and we can’t find any explanation for it. Our cotton has boll rot that we basically just have to sit and watch – there’s nothing you can do to prevent it, or so we’ve been told. Rounding it all out, there have been mishaps with other employees. That’s not all, but it’s certainly enough crying for one paragraph, that’s for sure. Especially when we’re grounded enough, even in our own plight, to know there is far worse suffering going on than we can even imagine.

And even though we definitely feel like we’re caught in a storm right now, there are plenty of things to be praised as well:

  • Brandon was told by an officer at the scene they suspected Manuel was immediately rendered unconscious after impact, meaning through all this, he hasn’t felt any pain. Not that it really makes anything better, but it’s provides a little peace to know he hasn’t had to endure any physical pain.
  • There was a four-month-old baby in the other vehicle who escaped the accident completely untouched, which we could not have been happier to hear.
  • The driver and other two passengers received only very minor scratches and bruises.
  • An old employee offered to fill in temporarily the day after the accident to keep things at least running. Because even though it’s something you hate to even think about at a time like that, we were instantly left short-handed in a business that can’t be placed on hold.
  • Our insurance has, so far, been wonderful through the aftermath of the accident, and we are so thankful we had those precautionary safety nets in place to care for everyone involved.
  • While it’s still early, we have yet to receive word of any legal action regarding the accident (again, something you hate to think about in this situation, but a reality of the world we live in, especially as a business owner).


So while there is still much to be sad about regarding Manuel, and much to worry about regarding our business, there is (as always) still MUCH to be thankful for, so that’s where we’re choosing to focus:  praising Him in our storm.







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