Praise for the flip phone

by Katie on August 20, 2012


Every time we’re around friends and Brandon whips out his now nearly obsolete flip phone, he receives a rash of jabs and jokes about it. And it is a rough looking thing, with half the numbers missing and beyond beat up.

But I tell you what, that thing is a survivor. At this point, Brandon is almost scared to get a new phone after putting this one through the wringer the past three years and having it just keep on going, energizer bunny style.

The most recent incident?

A couple weeks ago, he called me during the day about a few work things, but halfway through, I could only hear noise – no more Brandon. Assuming he must have run into someone he needed to talk to, I eventually hung up, slightly annoyed if I’m being honest.

Seven minutes later, he called back.

“Hey, you there?”

“Of course I’m here.”

“Really? You’re not going to believe this. I was changing water while I was talking to you earlier and I dropped my phone in the water in the field. It was buried – I mean buried – in the mud for five minutes while I got the water shut off to find it. I just picked it up out of the mud, wiped it off, pressed send, and there you were. Isn’t that crazy?!”

Indeed, I had to agree. I don’t think my new fancy phone would have been so lucky.

So in 2025 when Brandon is really the only person in the United States with a beat up old flip phone, you’ll know why.


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