by Katie on August 19, 2012


We made a little trip in to the hospital before church tonight, and could not be happier with what we found.

First, at the visitor check-in, we were told Manuel had been moved from the ICU. Then, when we arrived in his room, we found him half-awake.

Brandon talked to him some, and he was very much responsive and nodded answers to all his questions when we arrived and again before we left. His nurse came in and informed us he had made gigantic progress since the evening before (when he was still unconscious and unresponsive), and was doing really well. She was able to tell us he did have some fractures, but the main issue had been a large hematoma on his brain, which seemed to be under control now.

All good things and very encouraging, considering tomorrow morning marks 14 days since the accident.

Thanks to anyone who sent prayers his way – they certainly worked.


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