Dish duty

by Katie on August 23, 2012

We still have yet to actually inhabit the 21st century and join every home in America that has a dishwasher. (It’s next on the list.)

So, we used to have this “agreement” if you will, that Brandon chose one night each month to have dish duty after supper. But we kind of have to throw that plan out the window in the summer when he’s a crazy person. Since it is now mid-August, it has been several months since he has experienced dish duty.

Earlier this week, he came in one evening right at 5pm, we ate shortly after, and had the rest of the evening to spend together. I was picking things up in the kitchen, getting the dishwater ready, and noticed we had a fairly light load of dishes that evening.

Thinking I was being really nice with this offer, I asked Brandon if he would like to play his dish duty card that day since there weren’t many to do. He was browsing at the time, but agreed it sounded like a good plan. I ran the dishwater for him and got the first sinkful started on their soak. Nice, right?

Well, he walked up to the sink and exclaimed, “Hey! You tricked me! You said there weren’t very many.”

Which made me realize he has absolutely no idea how many dishes I do every night.

So he spent the next 20 minutes bitterly washing dishes, all the while proclaiming I “tricked” him.

Which is fine by me. My dishes still got done. While I was on the couch.




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