Bragging rights

by Katie on August 1, 2012

I have picked on this kid several times for all the Internet to see, but this time, Brandon and I both are only singing his praises:

The youngest and oldest Boyer kids. There really is a ten-year age difference, although this picture looks like it may be in reverse.

He showed up at just the right time. (Right in the thick of our time of need.) Although his version may be that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

No joke, we seriously took the kid off an airplane (which was delayed and already placing him in the desert after midnight Texas time), gave him an almost two hour nap, then sent him out on a hay baler. The next day, he learned how to haul hay (one of the only jobs he hadn’t done for us before).

Sidebar:  When I asked him if I needed to teach him how to run the retriever truck, his 17-year-old cocky attitude replied with this:  “Katie, it’s a matter of learning like three or four levers. I’ll have it figgered out in about 30 seconds.” Love him.

And he continued this cycle for at least the next 72 hours. In those first three days he was here, I’m not sure he was able to sleep for more than four hours at a time. And the kid never complained. Not once. In fact, he was eager to help. And he did such a good job. We so enjoyed his company and appreciated his help, and just really cannot say enough good things about his little visit.

We only wish we would have had more time to do a few more fun things with him while he was here, since it was only a five day trip, but we did manage to escape to the mountains one afternoon for just a few hours of cool air and muddy Jeep driving.

Mason even snapped this candid picture of the two of us during one of the several photo ops I insisted upon during our outing:

You may be wondering if this was some tender moment of affection between husband and wife, filled with admiration for one another.

Let me shatter that image for you:  it was not.

This was Brandon insisting I do something to hide my huge ears in our picture. You see, I have ears that may as well be sitting at a 90 degree angle on the side of my head (see picture with Mason at top). I have always complained about this to Brandon, but apparently it took him until this day to care enough to look at them. And notice them he finally did. So here we are, trying to position my hair and ball cap in a way to conceal my big ears. How’s that for tender and affectionate?

The end result:

A happy couple, yes?

Oh, and why was I wearing a raincoat? Well, we ran into some sprinkles along the way, and as the resident of the uncovered back seat, I needed a shield. Also? Because this was after the second half of our little afternoon mountain drive:

But these two “tough” guys?

They loved it. And I can handle it if it keeps them around.


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