Why you probably shouldn’t give your camera to your middle-aged dad

by Katie on June 7, 2012

This past weekend, I was able to return to Texas (yes, again, so soon – it was a 36 hour trip, so nothing to be jealous about) to watch three very special graduates walk across the stage at the 50 yard line of Kyle White Field in Anahuac, Texas. And hear the oldest of my not-so-baby brothers give the benediction, just like I did (we won’t say how many years ago).

One thing is certain:  you would be hard pressed to find three high school seniors with better scruples than these special kids right here:

Love them. And so proud of them.

And now I have to take a moment to brag on the tall one with very similar facial features to me. My kid brother. Who a decade and a half ago my sister and I delighted in nothing more than dressing him up in bikinis, baby pageant dresses and lace bonnets. Goodness, all those pictures are going to make excellent blackmail one of these days.

But I digress.

See all that hardware around his neck? It’s because, clearly, he also got my brains, not just most of my face. Dude was the highest-ranking boy in his class, did an awesome job speaking when he gave his benediction, and made us all very proud when being introduced as the wonderful kid he is during the presentation of the largest scholarship given at graduation from a local bank. I mean, it’s one thing for all of us to think he’s a great kid, but listening to someone outside your family announce it to hundreds of locals in the football field bleachers? That’s when the pride swells, I tell you.

The other two pretty faces in that picture I almost watched grow up just as much as my kid brother. I spent lots of weekends and most of my summer days (alternated with my sister) keeping them in line, nourished, entertained and out of squabbles while their parents were working, enjoying the NFR every winter, or just out on the town. They have done some great things too, are wonderful, respectful kids (young adults now, I guess – they have 19th and 18th birthdays this month – yikes!), and have their own special little place in my heart (with their older brothers who are just as wonderful too).

So anyway, it was a big night.

A cherished moment, if you will.

One that you want photographic evidence of to jog your memory years from now.

Well, in all the harried picture-taking immediately following graduation, we were all disbursing, and I realized I didn’t get a picture with my kid brother by myself. A travesty. So I grabbed him up quick, handed my camera to the nearest family member, who happened to be my dad, and smiled and said cheese.

Let me preface the following with the fact that I love my dad. A lot. I found out, however, that his photography skills leave a little something to be desired.

The next morning, while on the plane home, I decided to run through my pictures to see what wonderful memories were captured.

That is when I found the only pictures I have with just my brother from his graduation night are the following:

Sorry, Dad. But were you trying to get us or the pretty green grass of the football field? Needless to say, these will not be finding a frame in my house.

Note to self:  Teach Dad how to zoom. Also:  Always check pictures. I mean, that’s the best thing about the digital age, right – instant review?


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