It only took four years…

by Katie on June 8, 2012


But the Leisters went on a real anniversary date.

As in, we wore something other than work clothes, drove into town, went inside a restaurant and spent an entire hour eating and talking. Also? We were not on a tractor together, as in years past.

Times, they are a changin’, I tell ya.

Of course, this all lasted until Brandon turned into a zombie at 6pm from being out working since 1am. And it only took place to begin with because we had a gift card to a steakhouse we received in December and had yet to cash in (if that tells you how often we get out).

Brandon mentioned one of our employees asked him what we were going to do after dinner when he told him our “big” anniversary plans.

“Dude,” he apparently said, “I’ve been up, working, since one o’clock this morning. I’m going to bed.”

“What?” he replied. “You mean you aren’t going out afterward? For drinks or anything?”

Um, not so much, Kid. The 15 hour day aside, we’re talking fourth anniversary here. Not first date. [Even though for us, a “first date” was a fire-pit steak in a park. Not your average couple.]

So anyway, we had a real date. Which is nothing short of a real miracle around here. Good thing neither of us are really into the whole restaurant thing anyway.

Early this week, Brandon’s grandma asked me if I could believe we were on the verge of our fourth anniversary.

“You know,” I said, “I’ve been wondering the same thing. It doesn’t seem like it’s been four years since our wedding, but at the same time, I don’t really remember what life was even like before this.” And it’s true. This marriage thing is an odd one, for sure. Usually we tell people that some days, it seems like yesterday; other days, it seems like forever. Which is also true.

One thing I always give Brandon a hard time about is his lack of patience. And, shamefully, I totally do that “wife” thing in church, where when the sermon mentions patience or another convicting characteristic of self control, he gets the ol’ elbow in the ribs move.

But reflecting on four years of marriage to me, he must have much more of it than I give him credit for.

From the recurring problem of keys locked in vehicles, to doing the exact opposite of what he wants on the tractor, to my complete lack of mechanical/equipment operating aptitude, to extending my Texas vacations due to complete stupidity, to an entire host of other reasons and ways I make his life difficult, the poor man really does put up with a lot. So I guess I’ll have to start giving him more credit in the patience department. And stop with all those elbows.

It’s been a good four years, Husband. Even though your ribs may disagree.





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