Culturing the farm boy

by Katie on June 21, 2012

We had couscous for supper last night.

In typical Brandon fashion, he ate nearly the entire pile of it that was on his plate (beneath a creamy chicken dish), then complained about it later.

Complained may be a strong word. Let’s go with questioned.

Anyway, the couscous went really well with the main dish, and I thought he would just be thrilled it wasn’t rice.

Not so.

You try to feed this farm boy something different and he gets pretty skeptical. Thinks I’ve started shopping at Whole Foods or something.

By the time we got in bed, he was still talking about the couscous.

“What was that stuff again? Curry?” he asked.

“Couscous,” I answered, already guessing in my head how many days we would have to talk about this.

Couscous? What is it, like a ground up whitetail deer?”

And that, y’all, is why we do not attempt fine dining.


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