Two heads are better than one.

by Katie on April 4, 2012

When they can agree, that is.

We’ve had some home renovation projects going on here for about a month now, and we couldn’t be more over it. Not only has our house not been “put together” for more than three weeks, but all the decisions…and the communicating…and lack of it…oh my.

Naturally, Brandon designated me in charge of the project, since I would be around the house much more. Which would be fine if the following two things were true:

a. I was not a pushover

b. Brandon was one of those men who could care less about anything in the house

Item A has resulted in us waiting around for a week for a few small things to be finished up, which we thought were included in the original quote, the contractor says weren’t, I couldn’t handle the conflict, and Brandon had to step in.

But Item B.

Whoa nelly.

He tries to be one of those men. He really does. But it’s just not him. He cares.

We tried the whole “you just handle it, it’ll be fine…blah, blah, blah,” approach.

This, time and again, resulted in me making the “wrong” decision when faced with two options.


When some stucco was redone, they offered (for a small additional fee, of course) to make “popouts” around the windows, rather than replacing the old wooden trim boards that were taken off to do some window work. After debating what to do for a while, and considering I knew Brandon liked the trim, I told them to proceed. When Brandon arrived home, however, his response was something like, “Why is there a four-inch border of stucco around the windows? What were they thinking? Why didn’t you have them put our boards back?”

“Um…I told them to do that instead. They asked, I made the decision. Like you said to do.”

“Oh, well. I guess we’re stuck with it now.”


We had our exterior repainted. When the painter came to give an estimate, he asked whether he would be painting the “ceiling” of the porch. Again, after much deliberation, wondering what Brandon would think, I told him no, not to worry about it. It was fine.

Luckily, Brandon happened to call while the painter was still there, because when I told him I had told the painter not to paint under the porch, he said, “What? Why would you tell him that? Of course we want the porch painted.”

And there are many, many more examples to go along with those. But, if I did call him to garner an opinion when a decision needed to be made?

“Katie, I have a million things going on right now. I do not need to worry about this. Please. Just handle it. I’ll be fine with whatever you decide. If it’s not what I would have done, I’ll just get over it. Really.”


I had quite the dilemma on my hands. If I called, I wasn’t supposed to. If I didn’t call, I made the wrong decision.

And selecting the paint colors?

A whole other battle. We agreed on the big thing, as in the general colors to be used. Too bad there are a million and two shades of every color in the rainbow.

The first samples I brought home to test?

Brandon liked the house color; I liked the trim color.

And so the story goes…

Note:  we were not made for home construction projects.



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