by Katie on April 24, 2012

Last week, we picked the only feasible day and decided we would just “make it work” to go fishing. Other than our half-day fishing adventure on our Florida business trip, courtesy of our customers, we hadn’t made it out for a single day on the lake. Which is a travesty in Brandon’s world, but a reality for the past few years.

Anyway, we made it out, and after a fairly slow early morning, found a bite a little before lunch. We had several fish in the boat (we won’t discuss who put the majority of them there. One of us may still be a little bitter.) by early afternoon, before it died again. And boy, did it die. We didn’t get a single bite for hours.

Finally, as the sun began to set, we crossed the lake and cruised around, looking for “underwater topography” that met Brandon’s requirements for a place to drop a line. We settled on a little cove area, and began to switch out our bait for the water/time of day changes.

As Brandon hooked on his worm choice, he enthusiastically stated, “I am One-Thousand-and-Ninety-Percent-Sure this is going to catch a fish right here.”

And so, I did what I do, and mocked him, “Wow, one-thousand-and-ninety-percent, huh? That’s pretty sure.”

“You bet it is, Baby,” he retaliated.

And no sooner had those words escaped his mouth than, lo and behold, he hooked on and reeled a fish into the boat.

Me? I was not even a tiny bit annoyed at this ridiculous display of confidence and success. No sirree, not me.

Lesson(s):  Apparently, there are times in life when arrogance confidence pays off. If you are Brandon Leister, anyway.

And definitely times when mocking your husband’s silliness just makes you look silly.


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