It makes me feel pretty

by Katie on April 27, 2012

File this in the box of “weird things you find out after you get married.”

Brandon has sensitive senses.

As in, his senses (hearing, smell, taste, etc.) are more sensitive to, shall we say, stimuli, than what I believe the average person’s tends to be.

For example, if we happen to be getting ready for the day at the same time, I must travel to the hall bathroom to use the hair dryer and hairspray. Because the sound of that hair dryer? Cacophonous to his poor, precious ears. And the scent of any hairspray? Usually something similar to the following:  “Smells like dirty socks worn by an old man with athlete’s foot for five days then turned inside out to pooper scoop the yard before they were left in a wet laundry bag for a month.” [He also tends to have beyond ordinary skills in the exaggeration department, but that’s for another day.]

Those things I can kind of get on board with. The dryer is loud, especially if you’re just getting up in the morning and a non-morning person. No hairspray smells the best, and having board-straight hair, if I’m pulling out the hairspray, you better believe I’ll be spritzing my locks to high heaven.

So I have sympathy in those departments.

But…he can’t stand for me to wear perfume, y’all.

Like hates it. Detests it.

This one, I have an issue with. When he asks why I insist upon wearing “that awful stuff that makes you stink,” I try to explain that a little splash of good-smelling stuff just makes me feel pretty.

He doesn’t get it.

At all.

And I am not one of those over-dowsers. I do not fill a room with my scent when I walk in. I simply spray once on my neck, rub my wrists into it to catch any extra, and I’m done. So this is not overdone. And it does not matter which one I use. He hates them all.

I quote:  “I just want you to smell like a woman.”

What does that even mean?!?

Ladies, who’s with me? Doesn’t a little dab of perfume just make you feel prettier than you do before it hits your skin?



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