Going big

by Katie on April 9, 2012

How do we spend a Saturday night around here?

Well, this past weekend, we spent our Saturday night sitting in our “new” living room, measuring things and discussing how we were going to arrange the room going forward. Part of the previously mentioned construction project included installing a wall of walk-in closets in our giant cave of a living room. Now that the room is much smaller, and the back wall has been broken up by the addition of two doors, we have some rearranging to do.

And we are finally considering getting a TV.

I know, welcome to the modern world.

Anyway, we pretty much know where the TV would go (on the wall between the closet doors) but we were planning everything else out (shelves, TV accessories, power outlets, etc.).

During our little brainstorming session, Brandon blurted out, “Hey, we should even get one of those wireless DVD players, then we wouldn’t have to have any visible cords coming from the TV!” [We already had a plan for the others.]

“Brandon, do they even make wireless DVD players?”

“How should I know, but surely they do by now.”

And then I caught the train down the track we were heading…

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” I let out, “Slow down! I mean, we’re going from not having a TV to all mega-high-tech in one step?”

“Hey, Baby, go big or go home. That’s how I roll.”





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