A pep talk

by Katie on April 10, 2012

The first evening of our Florida trip, after we had safely settled into our booth with menus at Cody’s Roadhouse (following the Uncle El’s Seafood fiasco), Brandon felt it was necessary to properly prepare me for our trip and all it would entail.

As I was perusing the menu, probably looking for a hamburger or something of that nature on the low-end spectrum of the menu, I heard Brandon say, “Um, Katie?” very seriously.

I glanced over the top of my menu to see he had laid his down on the table, had his hands folded on top of it, and was looking directly at me. I told you, all serious-like.

I acknowledged him, followed suit by dropping my menu, and sat back preparing for some serious talk.

And he began:

“Katie, look, we’re going to be on this business trip for a few days. This is only our first meal out. Now, we’re going to order whatever the heck we want. But just so you know, it’s going to be like this for three days. This meal right here is only the beginning. Some of our meals out will be with other people–our customers–and we are not going to look like cheapskates. We may even be paying for some of their pricey meals. So you just need to get over it right here, right now, at this first meal. Okay? I mean, this is why we work hard. We don’t eat out when we’re at home. We’re going to enjoy ourselves on this trip, but I want you to be prepared that we’re going to spend some money on food the next few days. So, like I said, get what you want tonight, but remember, it’s only the beginning…”

What can I say?

The boy knows me.

And I am not going to pretend his little pep talk wasn’t necessary. It was.

And it certainly worked that night. I ordered one of the platters.



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