When an outdoor dog revolts

by Katie on March 23, 2012

How many stories can we possibly tell about a dog in one week?

A lot, it turns out.

A whole lot.

Especially for the kind of dog owners we are. But Wilbur had made himself the focus of our days lately.

Yesterday, we had some construction guys here working on one of the five projects we’ve had going in the past couple weeks, and they were in and out with their tools and had extension cords and air hoses stretched from inside to out under the front door, preventing it from closing.

No big deal. It’s Arizona. In March. We have the kind of weather dreams are made of and do not have any air or heat running currently. (Give it one week. But still.)

That is, until you look up from what you’re doing in the kitchen to find your giant, outdoor hound dog dashing through the hallway of your house. Your house that he has never set more than a sniffing nose and one front paw inside.

Not only did he dash indoors, but he was running down the hallway, into bedrooms, and would not budge when I caught him and tried to get him out. Like, sank to the ground, held still and would not move. I had to drag him the entire way to the front door, and if I let go before his entire body was on the front step? He was trying to turn back around and dodge my legs to run back in.

Now, I would maybe understand this behavior if he had ever been let inside, or even if perhaps it was in his nature to attempt to come inside our house. But he has never even tried. I guess he got a little taste of indoor comfort from his carjacking and decided he liked it.

But after I finally got him out the first time? He came back. Four times we went through this drill. Finally, I told the construction guys we were going to have to send their cords and hoses through the window.

This dog may be the death of me.


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