by Katie on March 20, 2012

Brandon got the surprise of his life yesterday afternoon.

Since the big rain/hail storm we got Sunday pretty much wiped out any chance of outdoor work yesterday, he spent nearly all day working in the office.

I know, lucky me. He was productive. I was productive in helping him be productive. Not so much at my own job.

Anyway, by about 2pm, he couldn’t stand to be cooped up indoors any longer. So he went out to start my truck (he was taking it to the farm so I could spray weeds with the farm truck that was here) and begin shuffling things around to be ready to go. At some point, he came back inside to grab something, then I heard the truck begin to ease out of the driveway.

But it came to a screeching halt.

And Brandon stormed inside.

“Kaa-tieee! Come outside!”

I’m not going to lie, the last time a similar scenario took place, I ended up with a big, ugly dent in my bumper.

So I braced myself.

But instead, when I joined him, he just said, “Go look in your backseat.”

“Now,” he said, “imagine going about your business, thinking you’re just headed to the farm, backing out of the driveway, and you glance up into the rearview mirror, and find THAT.”

This is what he was referring to:

Wilbur the carjacker

Yes, that would be Wilbur. Our 90 pound hound dog. Hanging out in the backseat.

Apparently at some point in the vehicle shuffling, Brandon had left the door open. Wilbur had his first experience riding inside any vehicle just a couple weeks ago (more on that later), after the entire back seat area had been covered in painter’s plastic, mind you. I guess he liked it, and decided to just make himself at home when he had the opportunity.

Nevertheless, he about gave Brandon a heart attack.

“I seriously thought I was being carjacked when I saw something in the truck with me,” he recounted.

Luckily for us, Brandon’s “carjacker” was a harmless, albeit large and startling, canine.



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