Setting records

by Katie on February 7, 2012

Just a little piece of trivia, for anyone who was curious…

How many flat tires can one farm possibly have in less than one week?


That’s the current tally, anyway.

Two came on a test tractor we currently have the privilege of using, after it had successfully cut cotton stalks on more than 5000 acres on other farms without a single issue prior to being placed in our hands. But couldn’t make it across our 300 acres without needing two new tires.

Then our big tractor got a flat just as were finishing up a job with it. As soon as the guys aired it up, I was given the task of driving it to the shop for the tire man to fully repair. But before I could get there, I blew out one of the tires on the dragscraper it was pulling.

Yesterday, Brandon was spreading fertilizer and had to repair a flat on the spreader about one-third of the way through. I took over that job, and just as I finished up (thank goodness), the back tire on that tractor got a hole. Brandon tried to limp it to the shop, but didn’t get a quarter-mile before all the air went out right on the side of the road.

So next time you think you have bad luck, remember:  you could be a Leister.

Also, it’s a darn good thing we both have a good sense of humor.


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