Communication with a Texas geography lesson

by Katie on February 17, 2012

This morning, we were going over some hay sales in the office – together, which can be our most and least favorite way to work, depending upon who and when you ask.

Brandon had asked me a question about something that falls under my responsibilities, and I proceeded to answer him. But I went a little beyond the original question, and proceeded into very closely knitted and relevant content. With a smooth, yet distinct transition, might I add.

He did not agree.

At the end of my somewhat lengthy monologue, he let me know that he could not understand anything I was saying or where I was going “over there in that little Texas head of yours.”

“Katie, you’re in El Paso, talking about something in Dallas, with a San Antonio dialect.”

And then, just for good measure I suppose, he added:

“In Spanish.”

All of this is just another testament to our awesome communication skills when dealing with one another. Every marriage should aim this high.


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