You’ll grow into it

by Katie on January 10, 2012

I think at this point, everyone is aware of Brandon’s abilities in the smooth-talking, way with the ladies, department…or lack thereof, anyway.

A recent conversation we had was no exception.

I think I’ve mentioned Brandon’s big shopping find, It’s been good to us. If you only buy from their clearance section, you can get some pretty awesome deals, like a Carhartt vest I purchased a couple months ago, normally $80, on clearance for $15. Score.

The first time I actually wore it was a few weeks ago, the day we were putting on the prospect steer show at the Arizona National Livestock Show. It looked a little big to me when I tried it on at home, so I wanted to get a second opinion before I actually went out in public.

As we got out of the truck, I put it on, and turned to Brandon. “Does this fit? It looked big to me.”

“Good enough,” Brandon answered, like a man.

“You’re sure it’s not too big? I don’t need to send it back?” I questioned again.

“Don’t worry, Baby,” he said, “You’ll grow into it. Eventually.”

And we’ll just go ahead and put that on the “what NOT to say to a woman” list.

Even if it may be true.

But he definitely “got a reaction,” as he would say, which is pretty much his only goal when it comes to giving me a hard time.

It’s a good thing I love him, I tell you.



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