When you get “had”

by Katie on January 6, 2012


Before we get to the real meat here, I need to provide some background.

Since we don’t really believe in buying things like appliances and furniture “new” from the store, which involves outrageous markups and sales tax (the most important being the sales tax), we’re always looking for things we need or want (depending on what the item is) in used condition.

We have a running list of things we search for on Craigslist around here. Nothing formal, and mostly in our heads, but there are certain things we look for bargains on, and search until we find one.

And boy, did I think I had found one a few weeks ago, let me tell you.

Our current refrigerator is, well, less than full size, if you will. Works perfectly, definitely gets the job done, but we’re just at the point where we’re ready for full size, and by golly, if I’m going to buy a refrigerator, I’m going to go ahead and get a stainless one.

So that’s been one of the things on my list lately (right next to any furniture with the word “rustic” in front of it):  a stainless steel refrigerator.

But, one of the big kinks in virtually anything we want to purchase from a desperate Craigslist seller (because only the desperate ones have the sort of bargains we look for), is that most of the time, the people selling either can’t or won’t help you load it. Which creates quite the dilemma for me, having a farmer husband and all (i.e., not available for such tasks).

Anyway, (getting closer to the real story here) I don’t have to tell you how big a score I thought I found when lo and behold, on one Craigslist-searching morning, I ran across an extremely reasonably priced (from all my Craigslist research) stainless steel refrigerator with…get this…free delivery. Bingo!

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

The picture with the ad checked out just fine, and I wasted no time arranging a time for this guy to come out and deliver my full size, stainless steel refrigerator.

Right about the time he was supposed to show up, I noticed a slow-moving small truck I didn’t recognize making its way up our road. “This is it!” I thought, very excited. But as the truck cleared a big olive tree in our neighbor’s yard, I noticed the back appeared to be…white. Which seemed rather odd to me for a stainless refrigerator, right?

Sure enough, though, the truck pulled into our drive and right up to the house. I met them outside, and walked around.

This couldn’t be. The sides were white too. He must have brought the wrong one.

But no. I made my way around to the front and saw that, indeed, this refrigerator did have a stainless steel door.

I stood there, dumbfounded, for a while, just staring at this refrigerator, many thoughts running through my head on what to do.

Finally, I stammered out, “So…um…the…the sides…they’re white?”

The guy confirmed I was seeing correctly; I had agreed to purchased a stainless-fronted refrigerator.

Not really one to think on my feet (my husband can attest to this), and not really knowing what to do – I mean, the man had driven the thing from Phoenix for goodness sake – I just watched as the refrigerator was unloaded and placed on my porch, handed the man his money, and went inside to sulk. When I could stand to go outside and face my purchase, I inspected it to find out my prized “stainless” refrigerator was really a plain ol’ white one this guy had bolted a stainless steel front to the doors. Seriously.

For a farming reason I can’t remember now, Brandon didn’t get home that night until after ten. Needless to say, I was already asleep. It didn’t stop him.

“Um, why is there a refrigerator on our front porch?” he asked.

“I don’t want to talk about it,” I mumbled back, still very sore on the whole deal.

“Did you know it has a bolted stainless steel front on it?” Brandon asked, not dropping it.

“I said I didn’t want to talk about it,” I said.

“How did it get here?” he asked, clearly not heeding my request.

“A guy delivered it. And I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“Oh, I get it. You thought you were getting a stainless fridge, didn’t you? Only he got here and it wasn’t?”

“It was such a good deal!” I wailed out, “And it had free delivery! And the picture didn’t look like it had white sides!”

“Hahahahahaha!” Brandon roared out in laughter at that point. “Katie got had on Craigslist!”

“I know!” I whined back.

“Katie, if it wasn’t what you wanted when he got here, why didn’t you just hand the guy $40 and tell him to take it back? I mean, sure, you would have been out $40, but at least you wouldn’t have a refrigerator you don’t want sitting on our front porch.”

“…I didn’t think of that.”

I think Brandon may revoke my Craigslisting privileges after this one.

Although he has found plenty of amusement in the whole ordeal.



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