The nuts and bolts of communication

by Katie on January 12, 2012

So, I’m not really sure if this is about any shortcomings in communication so much as it is about “Katie doesn’t know her way around the shop.”

But for the sake of my pride, we’ll stick with the communication theory.

Yesterday afternoon, I was asked to provide some assistance to Brandon in the shop on my way back from running farm-related errands “in the city” (our reference to Phoenix).  Because I didn’t have better things to be doing back at home right now, like finishing up year-end reports and tax filings…let’s just say it was debatable. Of course, in short order, my “help” turned into providing more gofer services than actual assistance. Which is fine. I usually get less grease on my hands that way.

Somewhere in there, I was handed a 9/16s wrench and asked to go look in the nut bin for a nut that would “fit” it.

So I did. And despite my initial perception upon opening the brimming drawer filled with thousands upon thousands of nuts in all sizes and shapes…well, I guess that’s a lie, they were all round, but you get the idea…I actually found the nut I was looking for fairly quickly.

I returned to Brandon with my bounty, and proudly handed it over.

But he just glanced at it, then looked up at me (with a face that, were he a Texas native, would have exuded the phrase, “Bless your little heart, Darlin'”), and said, “Um, I meant one that would fit inside that wrench. Like, you know, where I could use that wrench to turn it?”

“Oooohh!” I exclaimed, “I thought you meant ‘fit’ as in has the same size hole.”

“Oh, yes, it’s pretty clear what you thought I meant, Dear. Try again?”

So I did. And came back with the man definition of a nut that “fits” a particular wrench.

Note to self:  “fit” does not mean “match.”


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