The belly

by Katie on January 28, 2012

Within the past year, maybe a little less, Brandon has begun having his first encounter with actually receiving consequences for eating anything and everything he wants, not doing quite as much physical labor on the farm as in years past, and not performing any additional exercise. He is the proud (or not so much, really) owner of a small, round little belly. And this is where every woman over 20, myself included, is rolling her eyes and envying his metabolism.

I mean, what kind of person is over 30 before they ever experience packing on an additional five pounds?

He makes mention of this once a week or so, usually just poking fun at himself.

But a few days ago, he was telling me about how his “belly” (I use that term very loosely, because anyone passing him on the street would not notice it at all. In fact, he would be everyone’s definition of a thin man.) had distracted him from a conversation he was having with a friend that day, “I was standing there, engaged in conversation, and looked down for just a minute…and I couldn’t see my feet. Katie. I could. Not. See. My. Feet. This is ridiculous.”

Now, let me tell you, he was clearly exaggerating on the whole “feet” thing. I know his toes were sticking out.

“It’s okay,” I consoled him, beneath my laughter, “It makes you look more like a man, instead of the boy you once were.”

Good encouragement, right?

Not 15 minutes later, I was in the kitchen creating an afternoon snack. Since it was a running day, I decided upon a protein shake. So I got out the blender.

Brandon walked into the kitchen and said, “What are you making?”

Before I could answer, he added, “It involves ice cream, doesn’t it? I want one.”

Which was a fair question, for sure. Don’t stand between this Texan and her Blue Bell.

“No, actually, it’s going to have oats, protein, flax seed, a frozen banana and some milk. Want one?”

“Ugh. Flax what? No way.”

Half an hour later, I suggested, “You know, you could always join me for my run this afternoon. Only four miles today.”

“No, thank you,” he said, without even looking up.

“Okay, so let me get this straight. You just want to complain about the fact you’re growing a little belly, but you don’t necessarily want to try to change it?”






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