Sunny and beautiful

by Katie on January 30, 2012

We have had a ridiculously dry and mild-even-for-the-desert winter out here.

Typically, aside from at least one summer monsoon that drops in and ruins a hay cutting, all our precipitation comes in these winter months. In fact, two years ago, we got almost our entire average annual rainfall in a three-day span.

But don’t get me wrong, by any means. We are not complaining. At all. More like praising.

There could not have been a better year for us farmer-types to have a dry winter.

Everyone held their cotton late, but harvest days haven’t been stopped by any downpours, which means all the cotton got out and grains (barley, wheat) got planted without further delay. We only have a couple more days to even worry about it left, and Brandon is pretty much on cloud nine about this weather anomaly.

Seriously. Every day, and I mean ev-ery day, we have this conversation as he’s checking the weather reports:

Brandon:  “Still no rain. Do you have any idea how amazing this is?”

Katie: “That’s great! And yes, I do know how amazing it is.”

Brandon:  “Really? You do? Because I don’t think you do. Like, it hasn’t just saved us some money; it’s made us some money.”

Katie:  “Yes, Brandon. I do know how great no rain is when we’re trying to pick cotton and plant wheat.”

And then we wake up the next day and do it all over again.

This morning, he ran into the office to do a quick weather check before heading out to plant the last 20 acres or so we have left (although we’ll still have a couple days before our cotton is completely done).

He hollered out, “Oh no! Eighty percent tomorrow!”

“What?! Eighty percent rain? Tomorrow?! Shoot!” I reacted, which was exactly what he was hoping for.

He came around the corner with a smug little grin and said, “Nope. Still sunny and beautiful. Farmin’ weather, Baby.”


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