Can I blog that?

by Katie on January 18, 2012

[A phrase often uttered in our house]

Many of our interactions around here end with me asking, “Can I blog that?” or Brandon stating, “You should totally blog that.”

Obviously, even though Brandon could do anything here on I can, I’m pretty much the sole contributor on here as far as actually documenting our stories and clicking “publish” [Except for that one time, way back when.] but it’s not like Brandon is ever surprised by anything he comes home and reads.

Most of our late evenings go something like this:

After Brandon has checked all his hunting, weather, cotton and show cattle sites and blogs, he asks, “Anything new on the blog today?” even as he’s typing the address in on his browser.

My response ranges from “No,” to “Yes,” to “Yeah, but it’s not that good. Just something to say.”

If there was a yes involved, he reads the new material, typically agrees with me if I’ve said, “it’s not that good,” and occasionally laughs to himself about the way I’ve said something or from remembering a particular conversation happening.

And he completely agrees that in ten years, both of us are going to love reading this stuff.

All that to say, that when I tell a story about Brandon, he has always approved it first; sometimes even suggested it. And I try to be equal opportunity and tell as many on myself – he’s just more funny than I am.



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