Best laid plans

by Katie on January 5, 2012

December 1st

Brandon:  “This is go-time. Cotton should start coming off any day, and we have a lot of wheat to get in behind it.”

Katie:  “Great! …So, which fields do you think I’ll plant?”

Brandon:  “Hopefully none.”

Katie:  “What?! None? But it’s wheat planting time. I’ve never not planted any wheat.”

Brandon:  “I could end up being wrong, but I really don’t think we’ll have to put you on the grain drill at all. I mean, be on stand by, but I’m pretty confident about it.”


January 1st

Katie:  “Isn’t it kind of funny how three weeks ago, we were saying I probably wasn’t going to plant any wheat at all this year, but in reality, I ended up planting almost all of it?”

Brandon:  “Yeah…”


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