A hunting we will go…

by Katie on January 16, 2012

Someday, anyway.

I have an archery javelina tag I’m itching to punch, and dusted off my bow a few weeks ago in preparation. So now, I’m tuned up, my gear is ready and all we have to do is drive less than an hour out into the desert and find a pig to stick.

It’s that last part that has us stuck though.

Last week, we talked about heading out this weekend, before more “outside work” that required the two of us cranked up this week as the pickers pulled out of our cotton fields.

But Brandon brought a mild cold into our house last weekend, that he never even actually got, just sluffed off to me, and left me hacking Friday night and into Saturday morning. At least I was prepared for my little cold with the meds I had stocked up for him, since he was convinced for three days he was coming down with one. Joy in the small stuff, folks.

The whole pig hunting thing completely slipped my mind until about 7 or 8 Saturday morning. We were both in the office, and out of nowhere, I exclaimed, “Hey! We should have gone hunting this morning”

“I know,” Brandon said, “I thought about it last night. But I figured that coughing you were doing wouldn’t let us get within range anyway, so there wasn’t much point.”

“I’m not coughing that much!” I protested. “…But I guess all it takes is once, huh?”

“Yep,” Brandon agreed, “We’ve got work to do anyway.”

And so we resigned ourselves to another javelina-free day.

That afternoon, he called all excited, “Hey, I’ve got it all figured out. Tomorrow morning, we’ll go out and find a pig, I’ll plant my dad’s little alfalfa field for him in the afternoon, and we’ll go to night church after that. Want to?”

“Uh, did you forget we have to pull CIDRs on those cows tomorrow?” I reminded him.

“Shoot. Yes, we do. That won’t work. Well, so much for that pig tag.”

I’m still holding out hope that sometime in the next ten days (when my tag is up), we’ll find a morning to sling an arrow.

Not that I’m all that jazzed about killing another pig, but we’re both looking forward to getting out with my bow again and some more archery experience under my belt.

Hopefully, this time, when I have the perfect shot, I’ll actually take it.




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