The winter lazies

by Katie on December 15, 2011

Does winter make anyone else lazy?

No? Just us*?

We had that conversation Monday night. About how winter makes us feel lazy. Not that we actually are, probably by anyone’s standards, but we definitely have more “down time” if you will, and certainly feel that way.

Something about the early darkness and cold, and in Monday night’s case, rain, just make you want to curl up with some cocoa…pretty early in the night.

And that’s exactly what we decided to do.

After supper last night, we were both milling about in the office (also known as, Brandon trying to read up on the latest “hot” bulls on and, catch all the latest hunting stories on, check the weather 15 times, just in case that 100% chance of rain they’re calling for magically disappears in 20 minutes, and scan the “farm and garden” section on craigslist…while I interrupt his reading 33 times, and otherwise pester him), when we reached a point where it was evident to both of us nothing productive was coming from the remainder of our evening.

So we talked about how winter made us lazy (see above).

And then I followed that whole lazy conversation up with, “So, you want to just go lay in bed and watch TV?” Only, you have to understand, in our house, this means take the laptop to bed, look up a TV show and see what episodes are available online. Which we actually haven’t done in a really long time. Probably since last winter.

Brandon agreed it was the only thing to do on such a night. Even though we were just complaining to ourselves about being lazy.

And off I went to make us both a giant cup of hot cocoa. Which, I have to admit, was all my idea.

While I was in the kitchen making our cocoa, I was spouting off random bits and pieces of my day, and information I had picked up therein.

Brandon hollered, “You want to go get the TV ready?” [code for:  “I am in the middle of an article, please go occupy yourself for a few minutes.”]

“Um, …you’re on the TV,” I reminded him.

“Oh. Well, I’m not done with it yet.” [Meaning, “Darn, I can’t get rid of you for five minutes to finish my article in peace.”]

So, does winter give anyone else a case of the lazies? Or, in my case, make you drive your husband up a wall?

*Our “winter laziness” on this day was the morning after Brandon ran the grain drill all night long (Literally. 11pm to 6am.) trying to get one field of wheat in the ground before the rain hit. I took over for him that morning, but had to pull out of the field around 1pm-unfinished. So as soon as all this dirt dries up out here, we won’t have time for anymore of the winter lazies – there will be lots of wheat to plant.


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