Our adventures in peppers and pork fat

by Katie on December 5, 2011

You know how a lot of people have Christmas baking days?

Well, around here, we have Christmas sausage making days instead.

We took full advantage of a little rain and some behind tractor work that slowed down our planting progress this weekend and made a big dent in our holiday meat production.

Before we could get started, we needed to make a run to the store for essential supplies. Namely, jalapenos and pork fat. We figured our downtown, hometown Mexi-Mart was the best place to find pork fat, so off we went. Together. To the grocery store. For maybe the fourth time since we were married. No joke.

We stood together in front of the jalapeno bin, filling multiple produce sacks until we had roughly 3.5 pounds of the peppers in our possession. And probably looked like crazy people. Both of us standing there, grabbing jalapenos like there was some sort of world shortage or something.

Then Brandon proved to everyone how long it had been since he had actually done his own grocery shopping.

Once we had everything, I began wheeling our cart back to the pork fat. Brandon, however, was still wandering around the produce section.

Finally, he yelled back to me, across the entire produce section and other Mexi-Mart patrons, “Hey! Where are the ties?”

And so I yelled back, “Ties? What ties? What are you talking about?”

“You know, the twistie ties,” he said, very confidently, and still very loudly, “For the baggies.”

“Uh, they don’t have those anymore, Dear,” I let him know as gently as I could.

And then there we both were, laughing hysterically in the middle of the produce section at Brandon’s baggie blunder, holding our three bags of jalapenos. I am certain by this point everyone thought we had some major issues.

…Or maybe it wasn’t until we approached the checkout with 3.5 pounds of jalapenos, 5.5 pounds of pure pork fat and a kid-size Shamrock Farms vanilla milk Brandon insisted upon.


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