Eating my blog post

by Katie on December 9, 2011

Note to self:  Do not make fun of your husband on the Internet unless you are absolutely, 100% confident, and have researched the topic thoroughly to know your confidence is completely grounded, that you are right.

Because if you don’t?

You have to publicly apologize to him on the Internet. Which is quite a hit to the ol’ ego, I tell you.

That little adventure we had in the grocery store last weekend? Well, turns out he wasn’t completely crazy and out of touch with grocery shopping by looking for twisty-ties in the produce section.

Because I made a little regular grocery run last night to the Fry’s up the road (Kroger, Texas folk), and only needed four potatoes from the entire produce section (we had stocked up on cilantro, tomatoes and avocados at the Mexi-Mart).

And when I went to grab my baggie for the potatoes? There were twisty-ties in a dispenser right below them. Who knew.

So there may not be twisty-ties at the Mexi-Mart, but by golly, they do exist.


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